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Why is “Otesuji” called?
Etymology of Otesuji

大手筋商店街The etymology of Otesuji actually goes back old until Hideyoshi Toyotomi’s age.

It is a Otesuji street to form major park by the Fushimi castle construction, to bend a little there at a major gate than the build it, and to have made the road to the west in Hideyoshi for 1594.

It was the most important road that went in and out to the Fushimi castle.

Lily of the valley light installation of start
Formation of Otesuji shopping street

Those who pass in the big enterprises shopping street increase remarkably by the rise in population, the progress in transportation, the development of the brewing interest, and development as the industrial zone, etc. , and the time when it tries to improve a shopping street character has come.






A lot of contributions were obtained, about 30 street light was set up, and the formation as the shopping street was established.

This street light received a fevoreble reception as a special product of Otesuji because of the design to which five lamps by which the lily of the valley had removed the flower pattern had gone on.

Some transitions are got over.
Development and transition of Otesuji shopping street

Otesuji with the character as the shopping street according to the lily of the valley light form the prosperity association, unite, and have advanced.

Afterwards, the time of being revive the street light in the ten years comes, and 38 street lights that install the angle in the wooden pole are set up though the lily of the valley light disappeared by the iron delivery by the Pacific War.

Big enterprises at night have regained light.

Shopping street birth of fine for 365 days
The first arcade birth

The arcade of the electric opening and shutting type was completed in 1971.

Afterwards, the street in about 1973 by the firstIt was divided into the fourth street.

And, a present solar arcade is completed in 1997.

Please cause it to the Otesuji shopping street where it can shop happily and comfortably by all means.