Otesuji shopping district Fushimi is the town where the history / liquor / water is attractive. Welcome to Otesuji shopping district!

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natura plants
(Handmade soap & aroma product)

Sales of handmade soap & aroma product

Hours 10:00-19:00
Closed Tuesdays
Address Otesuji no,4 street
TEL 075-621-2399
URL http://www.botanicus-natura.jp/

Ōtesuji Orthopedic Clinic
(bonesetter's clinic)

We at Ōtesuji Orthopedic Clinic are acclaimed in medical literature.

Hours 9:00-12:00 15:00-19:30(on weekdays)
9:00-13:00(on Saturdays)
Closed Holidays
Address Otesuji no.3 street
TEL 075-611-1270
FAX 075-611-1270
URL http://www.otesuji.com/

(Nail salon)

Hours 11:00-18:00(Last reservations)
Closed Mondays
Address 3F Otesuji no,3 street
TEL 075-622-2770
FAX 075-622-2770

Miyakowankan Fushimi
(manual therapeautics)

Your town's healing center.

Hours 10:00-21:00(Last Orders 20:30)
Closed 3rd Tuesdays
Address 2F Otesuji no,2 street
TEL 075-623-1847
FAX 075-623-1847
URL http://www.miyako-wankan.com/

Kawarai Yakkyoku
(Chinese medicine)

Japanese and Chinese medicine.

Hours 9:00-20:00
19:00(on Saturdays)
Closed Holidays
Address Otesuji no,1 street
TEL 075-601-0084
FAX 0120-84-2093
URL http://www.kyoto-wel.com/shop/S81136/

(Hair salon)

Gentle to people and the earth. We beautify you with a wide range of techniques.

Hours 10:00-20:00
21:00(on Saturdays) -18:00(on Sundays)
Closed Mondays and 2nd Tuesdays
Address 2F Otesuji no,1 street
TEL 075-603-8841

Momoyamadō Keshōhinten

Finding the beauty that best suits you.

Hours 10:00-19:00
Closed Tuesdays
Address Otesuji no,4 street
TEL 075-601-0128
URL http://www.momoyamado.com/

Utsumi Seickotsuin
(bonesetter's clinic)

An orthopedic clinic with youthful energy and vitality. Open on holidays!

Hours 8:30-20:00
8:30-13:00(on Saturdays)
10:00-17:00(on holidays)
Closed open everyday
Address Otesuji no,4 street
TEL 075-622-2755
FAX 075-622-2756

Yakuyuudō Yakkyoku

A local drugstore you can count on.

Hours 9:00-20:00
Closed Jan.1st
Address Otesuji no.4 street
TEL 075-623-1800
FAX 075-623-1800

Ōesu Drug Ōtesuji

Serving beauty and health. A cheerful local drugstore.

Hours 9:00-20:00
Closed open everyday
Address 760 Higashiotemachi,Fushimi-ku,Kyoto-shi,Kyoto
Otesuji no.3 street
TEL 075-604-6079

Mik Fushimi Momoyama

A local drugstore you can rely on.

Hours 10:00-20:00
Closed Jan.1stand 2nd
Address 753 Higashiotemachi,Fushimi-ku,Kyoto-shi,Kyoto
Otesuji no.2 street
TEL 075-611-8960
URL http://www.un-mik.co.jp/

Mods Hair Fushimi Momoyama
(Hair salon)

More beautiful.

Hours 10:00-19:00
Closed Tuesdays
Address 749 Higashiotemachi,Fushimi-ku,Kyoto-shi,Kyoto
Otesuji no.2 street
TEL 075-602-3500
FAX 075-602-3131
URL http://www.modshair.co.jp/

Hair Art Earth
(Hair salon)

An atelier for beauty.

Hours 11:00-20:00(on weekdays)
10:00-19:00(on Saturdays and holidays)
Closed Tuesdays and 3rd Mondays
Address 2F Otesuji no,2 street
TEL 075-602-0771
FAX 075-602-0771

Nakagawa Shikaiin

Courteous and caring treatment.

Hours 9:00-20:00
Closed Sundays and holidays
Address Otesuji no,2 street
TEL 075-603-8080
URL http://www.eonet.ne.jp/~haruka-love/

Biyou Puraju Ōtesuji Arcade
(Hair salon)

Courteous and caring. No need to wait.

Hours 8:30-19:30
Closed open everyday
Address 5-494 Shinmachi,Fushimi-ku,Kyoto-shi,Kyoto
Otesuji no.1 street
TEL 075-602-8977
FAX 075-602-8977