Otesuji shopping district Fushimi is the town where the history / liquor / water is attractive. Welcome to Otesuji shopping district!

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    This map is convenient in the case of shopping. It tell you about the guidance of the parking lot and the distance to Otesuji shopping district

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    The history of Otesuji shopping district is carried here.

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    You can enjoy the sightseeing while doing shopping!

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    There are attractive characters and places in Otesuji shopping district.



Please come to Ōtesuji shopping arcade, “Yoshida,” where smiles and hearts gather.

Yoshida Tokeiten
(Clock, glasses, and jewelry)

Feel free to consult us about watches, clocks, and glasses.

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Hours 9:30-18:50
Closed Tuesdays
Address Otesuji no,4 street
TEL 075-622-0077
FAX 075-622-0077