Otesuji shopping district Fushimi is the town where the history / liquor / water is attractive. Welcome to Otesuji shopping district!

  • Internal map

    This map is convenient in the case of shopping. It tell you about the guidance of the parking lot and the distance to Otesuji shopping district

  • History

    The history of Otesuji shopping district is carried here.

  • Tourist attraction

    You can enjoy the sightseeing while doing shopping!

  • Highlight

    There are attractive characters and places in Otesuji shopping district.



Please try out our acclaimed deep tissue skills.

Miyakowankan Fushimi
(manual therapeautics)

Your town's healing center.

Our goal at Miyakowankan is to harmonize your body rhythms with a variety of approaches, such as courses in bodywork, deep tissue work, and foot care. We help you choose treatments that suit you best, so feel free to visit us.

Hours 10:00-21:00(Last Orders 20:30)
Closed 3rd Tuesdays
Address 2F Otesuji no,2 street
TEL 075-623-1847
FAX 075-623-1847
URL http://www.miyako-wankan.com/