Otesuji shopping district Fushimi is the town where the history / liquor / water is attractive. Welcome to Otesuji shopping district!

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The cherry blossoms festival holds it in the beginning of April cherry blossoms full-bloomed by the Ujigawa faction style that flows in Fushimi. The bustle is born, and the held festival is poetic event of Fushimi of spring in the tunnel of cherry blossoms now. a branch shop and live Riverside itThe big enterprises shopping street also participates in an easy city and an easy seat of this waterside, and the festival is brightened up in various branch shops.



Festival at night to which one degree a year and seven shopping streets of Fushimi Momoyama region unite into one. The big enterprises shopping street lines with food and the stall of the game, and the bustle at night is born in the usual shopping street. Please enjoy a summer festival once with the family, the couple, and the friend in year.


Furyu-Hanakasa Parade

The parade of [hanakasa] parades colorfully in the big enterprises shopping street by one about the viewpoint of the festival. An appearance advanced with the musical band word with good power by [hanakasa] in which each town exerted one’s ingenuity is grand.


The end of the year sale

The chance to shop for the thorough cleaning and the preparation at the New Year, etc. increases at the end of the year. Shopping at the end of the year : in any big enterprises shopping street that becomes complete. A happy, profitable shopping scenes of “Rattling lot association” in which a gorgeous prize is hit and a lively meeting, etc. will be prepared and we wait for coming of everybody.

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The character dolls related to Fushimi produce happy full dream time by pretty movement.

It is usually time of mechanism clock “Oyakamassan” of the big enterprises shopping street.

The mechanism clock of Oyakamassan begins to work with a feature bright melody when it is positive from 1:00PM to 7 o’clock every. The foot is stopped and it begins to see traffic in the shopping street.

Master of the tea ceremony Sen’norikyu of Azuchi-Momoyama Period begins to get tea first. 。

Ryoma Sakamoto and Shinsengumi

Hideyoshi Toyotomi and Fushimi castle and Senhime

The character related to Fushimi mustered.

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Solar arcade

It is a healthy comfortable space of 400m in the environment in the 21st century.
Beautiful shopping street birth of new bustle street and solar arcade.

What is the solar of the solar arcade?

Change into the electrical energy with solar and the solar battery of the light energy of the sun, and in ..difference.. [n] of the photovoltaic generation used in the form of electricity. Neither infinity nor air are made dirty because the energy source is a light of the sun and it is safe. The saved electricity is used on the day etc. of rain. In a word, the arcade in the big enterprises shopping street is a small power plant.

As many as 160 solar batteries in mat

The solar battery like a big and small panel is used for the arcade, and the area corresponds to as many as about 160 pieces in 263m2 and the mat. However, weight is the one of about 60kg and extent where weight of child 2 has lightly gotten on the arcade. Moreover, there is a parabolic antenna of 9m in diameter solar panel “Solar Moon” right above a dome-shaped arcade, and the solar arcade is understood from a long distance.

This invents the electricity of as many as 60W an hour about 500 lamp.

It corresponds to as many as about 500 lamps of 60W because the amount of total power generation is 30kW or less in one hour. About 27,000kW a year is used as a power supply in the lighting in the arcade and air-conditioning of the summer time, and electricity to which electricity is generated doesn’t become useless because it sells a remaining electric power to the electric power company. Moreover, the amount of power generation is displayed in the video billboard in three places in the arcade at any time and working of the solar power generation will be understood in a day.

The arcade is dome-shaped of 400m.

The length of the solar arcade is dome-shaped of about 400m. The highest place was about 12m, and it became a refreshing space by taking 78 utility poles that were so far, and having passed the electric wire on the arcade. Moreover, the number of pillars where the arcade was supported decreased, and was reborn to often foresaw openhearted atmosphere with 28, too.

Pleasant arcade

“Kirakiramobi-ru” is hung on space that Karakuri clock “Oyakamassan” from which the character related to Fushimi dashes out and natural light enter if there is “Solar clock” that moves with the solar battery in the entrance in the east of the shopping street, and it becomes time at the Kinki worker’s credit unions big enterprises branch. It informs them of time such as the owl, parrots, and ostriches that have come out while there is “Hummingbird” in the entrance in the west of the shopping street, and the egg is cracking. “Oyakamassan” and all “Hummingbird” move by solar. It is a pleasant space that can shop as the entire shopping street enjoying it.

Arcade where light overflows

A dome-shaped arcade where a transparent material such as the glass was used for the ceiling seems to stroll in light. It is “Hidamari space” in which there is a skylight in two places in the arcade, and natural light enters, and it is possible to shop in feelings done in a relaxed manner. The lighting in the arcade at night is the one that the flow of the river was imaged, and light is beautiful. The night view of the facade reproduces a fantastic night sky. It is an arcade where a different face is shown also at night.

Healthy arcade

It is comfortable because there are air conditioning facilities in the back of the ceiling, and the cold is sent from the vent of the beam in 4m in height and 22 arcades also in summer. All these electric powers are covered in the solar-electric power generation. Moreover, because the light is secured when blacking out by the solar storage battery system, it is safe. A healthy, safe function is thought. Hey, were you able to understand even from a healthy shopping street to the environment as for the big enterprises shopping street with the solar arcade?

Solar arcade

The left under the right and the right is a photograph constructing the solar arcade. Lower right is a photograph in the solar arcade of the night.

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